Selling New Tools

The past few weeks we’ve been struggling in Goochland to find the easiest way to start rolling out iOS devices (iPad and iPod Touch devices). While they sell easily enough at the store, how are they best integrated into the classroom environment? That’s where we come along… teachers do have help.

But how do you get folks psyched up about using a new tool?

I tried this week to sell the devices with a short, dynamic video. We had our first “customer” a day later and he had a positive experience with the devices in his special education math classroom.

While I don’t think the iPad is a magical device that will cure all of our problems in education, is the evolution of a computing tool that offers new possibilities for pedagogy. We’ve insisted that we won’t just let these go to any classroom, but instead, their use will be co-planned by our ITRT and she will model innovative and worthwhile uses for the iPads as a coach with the teacher. I tried my part in generating interest and letting people see the value in these new computers.


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