Having a Workflow

One of the sources I cited in our time management project was Merlin Mann, who came up with the concept of Inbox Zero. And if you think about the process of how well we manage time, or else how efficiently and effortlessly we do our jobs, you have what we could call a workflow. Educators come in many flavors, but we all typically “feel” the “seasons” as they come… the summer of preparation, the August “heat” when everyone comes back, then the stressful little storms, before both winter and spring breaks.

Yet the reason for my post is to highlight a little “model” by Mann which I thought was clever. What is workflow? Well, according to Mann, it’s three things:

  • Understanding your job,
  • Understanding your tools,
  • Not thinking about it anymore.

And I know I’ve gotten caught up in the third step too many times. I do think about how to tweak and enhance, but I eventually fall back to older habits and this is in part because I failed at one of the first two steps.

But I’m interested — in light of our recent project — what tools other educators use to help their workflows? I’m thinking this might make for an excellent presentation this school year for other education leaders. Comments are open!


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