A 5th Frame

Last year after thinking about issues related to leadership through the four frames by Bolman & Deal, I’ve often come across new paradigms in which to view something. In my mind, I categorize these each as another “5th frame.” One such frame came into focus just this week at a leadership team meeting.

Our acting superintendent started the meeting with a quote that he had found from a Twitter post: Humility is not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less. Everyone in the room reacted to that in interesting ways. It came from this post on Leadership Freak about the “8 Strengths of Humility.” The important take away is that humility is the enemy of arrogance.

I shared each of these at class on Wednesday night. There was a reaction to these statements as well. I believe they’re interesting for reflective fodder when we encounter instances in our own leadership that test our mettle. I’d add one more: Arrogance is easy, humility takes effort. The benefit of taking the effort is respect.


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