Digital Citizenship

Today I led a session on Edmodo with some teachers, who ranged from elementary through high school. When I asked “What is this about, why are you here?” the response was “it’s like Facebook for kids.” We looked at one another and laughed. “Facebook for education?”

“Yeah, that…”

Discussions followed about how kids are too wrapped up in their cell phones and why don’t we encourage them to put all of that down, and play outside “in the fresh air.” I have no argument for exploring the real world. But that’s when, every time, it hits:

If we are going to get serious about digital citizenship in schools, we have to play with the tools that give us the opportunities to make choices — good or bad.

That takes some risk for a school, a teacher, or even a district. Luckily, Edmodo is closed-enough environment, with a good notification system for teachers, and teacher controls, that learning the lessons through a constructivst approach is possible and pretty comfortable.

For my part, I produced 4 new videos this year on digital citizenship for our parents. In reviewing them tonight, I realized that a little Presentation Zen rubbed off in the slideware.

For these, I used Apple Keynote’s built in voice recorder and export function to Quicktime.

On my mind now is another challenge with this topic – bring your own devices. We know they’re in pockets, but has anyone in the cohort embraced BYOD in their school? Or division? If so, how did you prepare teachers?


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