Leading as a Team

This week I had yet another presentation to do (and this time not one for a VCU class!) and it was for our school board on the revision to our Technology Plan. What made it more difficult was that it wasn’t just me, but our entire team would be involved. I imagine doing something like this again a little less than a year from now with my capstone team – more or less – we’ll be planning together, tweaking, and deciding who will say what.

If you’re interested, our presentation starts at 1 hour, 13-minutes in. But it was very important in my view to give each team member an opportunity to be seen, heard, and showing off their area of expertise. Our overall goal was to show off how mobile devices are clearly here to stay, and how they help us learn, manage data, help learners with special needs, and help us manage our network. So while the obvious goal was to cover a comprehensive plan, the more important goal was to demonstrate that mobile devices could be easy to use, and powerful as well.

We accomplished this task by strategically spreading-out among the narrative several “demonstrations.” To make things go smoothly, the demos were all pre-recorded, and I asked my colleagues to speak over the videos. They all took their own special way of doing it, but the fact that things were rehearsed and well-synced impressed the board. Instead of getting bogged-down in the minutia of a 50+ page document, we used our presentation to make highlights and to deliver our message, instead of every detail in a 6-year plan.

We had the courage to take some chances. I trusted my colleagues, and they trusted me… and despite some risk taking, the result worked out. No doubt, through the entire process, I was reflecting on both EDLP 713 and EDLP 717’s experiences this past semester. And it was refreshing to see those skills at play in a real-world context.

But in the end, those experiences I had did the most to help me work with my colleagues. We all have leadership qualities and opportunities to lead, but our work on this project allowed us to lead as a team.


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