Published Article: G21 Framework

This past year my colleague Dr. Pete Gretz and I set out to evangelize a little about the framework we use in Goochland to foster twenty-first century skills in our schools. Our article was picked up by Virginia ASCD. You can read all about it here, in their latest edition.

As Goochland ends their school year a little earlier than most, we’ve already begun talking about the next steps in our leadership discussions around G21. Will G21 take over and become more student-centered? Will it evolve into performance-based assessments? There are many exciting possibilities.

The thing about this initiative which I started in 2008 to remember is, it wasn’t designed to “stay the same” and not evolve over time. One of the reasons I think this idea can’t be replicated in larger districts successfully is that it requires a small, consistent team to do the heavy lifting of the project writing and collection. I’m excited as we embed the best parts of this framework into all instruction through continued professional development training with teachers and curriculum development.


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