Still Alive!

My summer has been especially busy. One of the big projects we’ve been preparing for is a pilot of mobile computing devices to go home with students in one of our three elementary schools. Specifically, we’re sending iPad Minis home with students. Tomorrow is the second “parent night” to lay out our vision for this project, answer questions, and send the iPads home after an insurance fee is paid.

I also each year have a role to play with our return-to-school convocation. This year Mark Fernandes from Luck Companies again spoke to our staff, but the highlight for me was our teacher of the year presentation by Ms. Yearout-Patton, a teacher of senior government at our high school. She was instrumental in helping me have access last semester to seniors for my study of the senior project in Goochland, as she works closely with the students on the projects.

I also had the pleasure of presenting three G21 awards to very deserving teachers. One of my new roles this year is to help the school develop a new strategic plan which is interesting, actually; I’m constantly learning with new tasks I’m given which is a good thing.

Now the semester is picking up, and we’ll be soon working on our team with data collection. We turned in our literature review – some 70+ pages – on August 1st. We’re fortunate to have 4-5 districts lined up to study.


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