Fall 2011


During the fall semester, I am enrolled in three courses:

  • EDLP 702: Leader as Self
  • EDLP 703: Statistics
  • EDLP 715: Professional Writing I

I’d like to share some of my formal writing from this semester.

This paper was written for EDLP 715 and was designed to help us plan analytically for more formal writing. We were to address an authentic leadership challenge and the strategy to deal with it. While the leadership analysis was new to me, the domain of technology was familiar.

In Goochland…

Here are some artifacts tied to my job which I feel demonstrate different facets of leadership.
Vision and Mission Poster

  1. Arresting Attention? I created this poster in part for our AdvancED visit in April, 2012. It’s important to set vision in your district, but of course like many, the school board goes through their own process of establishing one. My problem was coming up with a visual solution that would both communicate our mission and vision, but at the same time, arrest attention. I turned to the old standby of color. 100 of these posters are on display between our central office and five schools.
  2. Using Video in the Classroom. I designed and created a digital cheat-sheet handout for utilizing different video sources in the classroom for our teachers. I surprised a few by going beyond the typical services we have subscribed to, in order to demonstrate the culture of “remix” that thrives in sites like YouTube.
  3. 2011 Convocation Keynote Address: One of the more “leadery” things I accomplished this past school year was to address our entire division on our opening convocation day back in August. The password for the PDF is convocation. The focus was “Our Customers, Our Students: Beyond the Wall of NCLB”. I will be re-working the content within for the 2012 MERC conference keynote at VCU in the spring.
  4. iPads Have Come to the Secondary Complex! In order to arouse attention in our middle and high school, I wanted to communicate with teachers that the iPads were available for use in the classroom. I created this video with help from our ITRT and media specialist (filming, hand model, respectively) to let folks know the good news. The video was put together in 15 minutes using iMovie from iLife ’11 using their movie trailers template.
  5. eBook Examples for Apple iBooks – I wanted to provide an example of how easy it was to create and publish eBooks using Pages (a word processor) for iBooks – the book app on iPad/iPhone. I embedded pictures and video to give teachers an idea about this exciting platform for student publishing. The document also includes details about our iOS deployment.
  6. STEM Advisory Council Presentation – I presented the role of our G21 framework in developing integrated opportunities of study that target twenty-first century skills, project-based learning, and how this approach is likely a good method for increasing opportunities of STEM, STEAM, and STEAMD initiatives in our schools.

Slide from STEM Advisory