Spring 2012


  • ELDP 704: Leadership Perspectives on Policies and Law
  • EDLP 705: Leadership Perspectives on Ethics

Policy Analysis Group Project EDLP 704

I worked collaboratively to select, analyze, and present on a policy analysis paper with my colleagues Shawnya, Derrick, and Angie. We presented together our findings on this article and the implications for making educational policy in the U.S. Finland’s success would be hard to re-create without affecting culture and societal beliefs, which is a key foundation to their educational policies.

Ethical Themes in a Movie EDLP 705

Our group chose the movie Doubt starring Meryl Streep. I thought this was a great movie and was filled with a number of ethical themes. I explored these through this paper.

MERC Conference, March 13, 2012

I was invited to address attendees on our efforts in Goochland about project-based learning and assessment. My presentation is available as a Quicktime video screencast.
Title Slide

In Goochland

Live Streaming Project

This January, our new school board challenged our superintendent on figuring out what it would cost to live stream their meetings online over the Internet. I cobbled together three scenarios, some which had costs of time, and others real costs of money. Then I did something because I wanted to put a good foot forward: I showed up at their first official meeting with a video camera and a computer. You can see us at the first meeting, earnestly trying to get things to work before the meeting started at 7 PM.

Streaming Ad

The Meeting from January 24, 2012 is available here. So far, I haven’t been able to train anyone else on how to do this. Hmm. So I’ll be going to a lot of School Board meetings. For those interested, we’re using UStream currently, but I’m interested in exploring other options. We started with Boinx TV to do live compositing, and CamTwist, to put the video online. I’ve since changed software and am using Wirecast Pro which gives higher-quality results, like those you saw above in the link. The next step in our quest is to find some fixed cameras that can be mounted so that I don’t have to carry in and set-up a camera each Tuesday.

I’m including this in my portfolio because I think it took leadership to show our new board that yes, our technology team is capable, we’re fast, and we can produce a good-quality product. Now, I’m conversing with the county government on how they can begin to stream their board of supervisors meetings. Hopefully we can collaborate on some costs on something.

iOS Best Practices

On February 6, 2012 I participated in an online presentation sponsored by WHRO’s educational department on mobile learning. My colleague Bea Cantor and I presented some details of our mobile device deployment to a live audience via Skype. The handout for this talk is located within this whitepaper I authored.

iTunes U

In early February I signed our school division up to participate with Apple through iTunes U for K-12 school districts. We’re the first school division to join the initiative since the announcement of Apple’s new interactive textbook initiative with the new iTunes U app for iOS devices.

Book Creator and Reflections

In March, I found a new app for placing the contents of an iOS device (iPad 2/3 or iPhone 4S) on your Mac. This is the cheapest solution yet at making a screencast for the iPad.

Here’s my first attempt – detailing a pretty cool app for the iPad for the creation of eBooks. I was so happy the developer contacted me. Having this dialog (I wrote him an email back) is important as we roll-out new tools from independent developers… the fact we have a voice is a powerful position to be in.

EdTech 2012

I presented three times this year at EdTech sponsored by WCVE and organized in conjunction with GRAETC, on which I have sat for the past two years as vice-chair. Two of my featured presentations are linked below.

I received great feedback and we had filled rooms.